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Introduction to The Hub

Launched in March 2012, The International VFX Hub is a joint initiative from The Media School (incorporating The National Centre for Computer Animation) at Bournemouth University (BU) and The Faculty of Media and Performance at The Arts University Bournemouth (AUB). Acting as the initial point of contact to the creative and technical expertise available in the Animation and VFX departments of both institutions, one of The VFX Hub’s primary aims is to provide commercial outlets and links to industry for students, graduates and academic staff.

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The project is supported by Creative Skillset and was set up in response to the 2010 NESTA report on the UK VFX industry, which highlighted the fantastic achievements of British companies but recognised that to build on that success more young people needed to be encouraged to pursue a career in VFX and animation. Through a variety of academic and commercial projects, designed to inspire the next generation of artists and technicians, the VFX Hub aims to stimulate interest among the under 16s and to make the subsequent transition from education to employment easier by building stronger connections with industry partners around the world.